When you go to a pharmacy and hand over the prescription, they take a look and ask, “Should I give the generic one or the branded one?” We often get confused and question back what that means. We aren’tdoctors or pharmacists to know the difference and what effecttheycan have on us. They don’t have the spare time to elaborateand we answer “Whichever is better” and weland up with a medicine of their choice. Here we provide you with the differences and which ones you should consider.

Brand-named medicines

Genericmedicines are brand-name medicine replicas. They are the exact same copies, the same drugs, having the exact same doses, side effects, safety, quality, and strength to cure. In simple words, they are the same as the branded counterparts. Then what is the difference you ask? The only difference is that generic drugs have prices much lower than their counterparts.

Brand-named medicines are the actual innovator of the medicines; hence they have the actual name in the medicine. To differentiate betweenthe two, you can look at the names of the medicine. Generic names in medicine are in small letter e.g. for erectile dysfunction the medicine is generic cialis sale whereas,in case of brand-name, the first letter is capital.

generic cialis sale

Why is Generic price so less?

New drugs are continuously researched and developed by different firms. When the drug is made, patents are made so that their investments while making these drugs could be recovered and they could earn profit from their year-long researches. So, the patents give the company the sole right to sell the product alone and no one else can sell it.

When patents for the brand-name drugs are about to expire, different medicine manufacturers apply to the Food and Drug Administration for the permission to sell the drugs as generic versions. And because these generic companies don’t have any investment in the research, they could sell the drug ata much lowerprice. Selling the drugat lower rates doesn’tquestion the safety of the generic drugs use. Even after a manufacturer gets the permission for a generic drug,they are allowed in the market only after they’re thoroughly checked by the FDA. Hence, generic drugs are as effective and as safe as brand-name drugs.


Generic drugs have saved trillions of costs in every country. The pills at the pharmacy counter may look different than what you brought earlier but you don’t have to worry about that. It’s not me who is saying that. The FDA says it but the drug is tested rigorously for purity, quality and effectively before making it into the market. You are getting drugs much cheaper than it is intended to be a few years back. The drugsare completely safe.