Natural Tips to Maintain Erection

When you are in bed and you can maintain your erection for more than 30 minutes, then this is clear that your libido is in good condition. Whenever you see a hot girl in the street and you get a hard on, then your blood flow is normal. However, the most important question is, are you able to maintain it when you indulge yourself in the act of lovemaking. You may be aware that getting an erection is of no use if you are unable to maintain it, then you cannot perform in the bed.

When your partner sees a good erection, it excites her and naturally, she anticipates a good sex. Unfortunately, after five minutes you start losing your erection. The process, which has excited you both, is now disappointing after five minutes of the start. Sex is no longer fun for you. Men, who are not aware,ask for different things to get rid of this problem. They want to blame it on the noises, which are coming, or blame it on anything disturbing from their office. If you are one of them who are losing erection regularly, then stay away from the blame game and find a proper solution. You can try certain things at home like the penile exercises, penile massage, comprar cialis barato and those food items, which can give you strong erections. You do not need to worry about side effects because all these things are natural.

Here are a couple of other things as well which you can try to boost your sexual stamina.

Tips to Maintain Erection

Deep breathing

It is imperative on your part to breathe regularly and this will enhance the oxygen levels in your blood. Proper oxygen level contributes in maintaining good erections. In case you find yourself out of breath, when you are indulging yourself in sex, then this is the time to match your movements with proper breathing. If you fail to do so, then it will cut the supply of oxygen to your vital organs. Improper blood supply will make the erections softer and more you exert, more you lose. Remember when you are trying hard to satisfying your partner and in this act, you are doing it faster and faster. This is the time when you need to breathe deeply; this will help in maintaining erection. Comprar cialis barato has shown its effects of dealing with ED, consult your physician before using it.


This is a wonderful technique and this will help you significantly in maintaining your hardness. You need to do this after getting an erection. Massage at the base of your penis and perineum area. Performing massage after getting a hard on will increase the blood circulation and you will find a noticeable difference in time. In order to achieve longer erections, massage for a few minutes. Many people find it awkward to do this at that point of time when they are ready for the show. Experts suggest to do massage when you are losing hardness. If during the act of lovemaking you realize that you are losing hardness, this is the time to come out and do oral sex. This will give you some time to charge up again.