Four Reasons Responsible For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men of all ages. Due to sedentary lifestyle and eating habits, men are facing this problem even in the early age. In this article, we will come to know about some of the common causes of erectile dysfunction. If you are not aware about the benefits of using comprar Viagra, then you can search online or consult your physician.

Low testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone, which is responsible for your sex drive. It is imperative to have good amount of testosterone in the body to get proper erection. This is known as a man’s hormone.


With advancing age, every system in the body becomes slow. The veins become stiffer and lose its elasticity. This is responsible for improper flow of blood. As you age, testosterone level drops and this is responsible for getting improper erection. According to a report,there is a 1% decline in testosterone levels every year after 30 years of age. There are several things, which you can apply in order to counter this. You will not only boost your testosterone levels, but by applying natural ways, you will enhance the quality of your health. As we are aware, that everything in our body slows down after a certain age. This also applies for the reproductive system. The blood flow decreases in your vital organ and makes it difficult to get erections.

Four Reasons Responsible For

Sedentary lifestyle

Being out of shape is one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction. Being overweight will affect your sexual life in several ways. Triglycerides, bad cholesterol and fat will increase in your body. This will thicken your blood and it will become difficult for the blood to move properly through your veins. Accumulation of plaque in your body veins will also disturb the flow of blood. When you are overweight, your testosterone is converted into estrogen and this further decreases the testosterone levels. People who have less testosterone levels will find it difficult to maintain their muscle mass. As a result of this, your body will lose muscles at a much faster rate. Muscles consume a lot of energy and when your body has less muscle, it means that whatever you consume, your body will store it as fat. The energy will not be utilized rather your body will store it in the form of fat.

Poor eating habits

Improper supply of nutrients to your body will create nutrient deficiency and it will cause erectile dysfunction. Your body is in need of minerals, nutrients and vitamins on a daily basis for the proper functioning. In absence of these essential nutrients, your body will not function properly. When you will not supply the proper fuel to your body, it is natural that some of the functions in your body will slow down and some may even stop.

Poor eating habits will result in low libido. If you do not provide your tissues and organs all the required nutrients required which serve as the building blocks, then it is obvious to face the slowdown. For best results use comprar Viagra after consulting your physician.

A poor diet consists of triglycerides, healthy fat, and high amount of glucose. All these things will thicken the blood, which will restrict blood flow in your body.