Remedy pains along with other diseases with eight Constitutional Medicine

Hackensack Acupuncture and Herbs believes in acknowledging life as a balance. Here, the doctors receive in-depth training on traditional oriental medicine and their classifications. This makes life easier for most people by relieving them of pains and diseases. In the presence of elemental scientists and doctors, good fortune is expected to dawn upon most households. The implementation of eight constitutional medicine in acupuncture is one of the many of its derivatives.

8 constitutional medicine

Acknowledging one’s weaknesses and strengths

Diseases and ailments that come with growing age are necessarily due to unattended care towards one health. In order to ensure the right kind of medication for one’s body, they must expound on the philosophy that our weaknesses and strengths are allowed to co-exist together. In light of this, we cannot allow one to occur in preference to the other however we can look for an efficient way of dissolving lethargy and exhaustion derive from various life balances. This can be attained through acupuncture.

The various body types:

Learning the need to co-exist with our weaknesses and strengths have brought together many scientists like Dr. Kim and in his team from Hackensack Acupuncture and Herbs, to come up with classifications that might further help in catering to built up strength. In this context, eight constitutional medicine can be used to sever the body into 8 constitutions that are alike for every individual such as in the case of organs. The strengths andweakness encountered in these eight constitutions are noted as-

  • Strong liver but weak lungs.
  • Strong gall bladder but a weak colon.
  • Strong lungs but a weak liver.
  • Strong pancreas but weak kidneys.
  • Strong stomach but a weak bladder.
  • Strong kidney but a weak pancreas.
  • Strong bladder but a weak stomach.
  • Strong stomach but a weak bladder.

Through these categories, we can analyze how weaknesses and strengths are not mutually exclusive in our body and usually revolve around the eight constitutions or eight organs namely lungs, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, stomach, kidney, urinary bladder and colon. These organs are also seen to comprise of muscles. Hence, this method of distinguishing body types serves as an appropriate measure.

The significance of the invention of the eight constitutional medicine.

Scientists have developed that the reason behind the co-existence of weakness, as opposed to strength in our body, is characteristic dysfunction or tightness. As and when scientists developed reasons behind the malfunction of constitutional organs, the eight constitutional medicine slowly started coming into the picture. These medicines are in the form of acupuncture targeted to special pressure points in our body which when once targeted releases all the accumulated energy and relaxes the muscles of the body relieving pain and distress.